Friday, March 16, 2007

Upgrading to Flex 2.0.1: JUST DON'T

Great, i saw there was a new release of Flex builder on the Adobe site the other day.. I am currently using Flex Builder 2, and there is a new release called 2.0.1. So i thought, ok thats a small bugfix or something, nothing major (hence the 0.1 version). So i downloaded the update from the adobe site and i ended up with downloading a 144MB update. Hmz that can't be right for a small bugfix/code change right?

Next i installed the update, all fine, but when i started Eclipse on the project i'm currently working on i ended up with this error and a bunch of others:
Definition mx.binding.RepeaterComponentWatcher could not be found.

I searched on google and found a bunch of people with the same problems, making up all kinds of tricks and workarounds to get it working. The problem is the .swc files in the update are different and _NOT COMPATIBLE_ with the .swc files from the 2.0 release. No way i can make it work with the serverside code running on 2.0 with FDS and the other programmers who use 2.0 because it is incompatible.

So i am wondering why the hell adobe releases an update with API changes and incompatible, non-backwards compatible code. On top of all they all it a x.0.1 release, what indicates it is a minor release. They problebly should call it a 3.0 release but that would be bad for marketing, so they just release this crap, then don't release it at all! Or at least inform people it doenst work with anything but 2.0.1.

Anyways my message to Adobe: this sucks, thnx for wasting my time.

I uninstalled everything and reinstalled Flex Builder 2 and everything is working fine again.

written by Marcel Panse