Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flex Image Repository (Application wide image cache)

written by Marcel Panse

Flex has some options for image caching on its own, but it leaves the image caching for the browser to handle. This creates differences between browsers (i have written applications that caches really well in IE but not so well in FF). This browser cache isn't very reliable, plus it takes a really small amount of time to retrieve (because it is http based and it needs a http call to retrieve) what causes the image to flicker. What i really want is some sort of application wide caching mechanism for images.

Another thing is that it works (offcourse) also for AIR applications, so it should work both with online and offline files. The thing that makes these files unique is the location of the file, what could be either 'http://...' or 'file://...'

The solution is really simple. Create a class that can store images in a map (like a java hash-map). This class should be a singleton and have a couple of methods like:
- lookup(location:String)
- cacheImage(location:String, image:Bitmap)

And everywhere in your application when you use an Image object just set the source to the bitmap from the repository (instead of a url).
How to load the bitmap from an online or offline file is a whole different story (and much more complicated). I will discuss that in my next blog entry.

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Rahim said...

nice idea
can u put sample code here
thanx in advance