Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Albelli photobucket launched!

written by Marcel Panse

The X-Editor is finally live! The X-Editor (pronounce cross-editor), is a multi-platfom photobook editor written in flex 3 using Adobe Air technology.

It is launched today under the brand albelli (www.albelli.com) and uses the new photobucket API.

You can read the official press release here: Albelli photobucket press release.

I'm very proud to be a part of this for the last year. The next few weeks are going to be very exciting.

For now, albelli only ships in the US, but europe is going to follow soon!

So check it out at: http://www.albelli.com/photobucket, download the editor, play around and offcourse buy a book ;-)

marcel panse

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prana Jumpstart

For everyone who wants to start using prana here is a (very) short tutorial.

1. Join the mailing list for all your questions: http://www.pranaframework.org/?page_id=4
2. Download the latest prana release: http://www.pranaframework.org/?page_id=5
3. Copy the prana.swc file from the bin dir to your projects lib dir and add the swc to your project in flexbuilder.
4. Create a file named applicationContext.xml in your projects source directory.
5. Check some samples to see what the xml file should look like and check the API: http://www.pranaframework.org/?page_id=2
6. Use an XmlObjectDefinitionsLoader to load the applicationContext.xml file and start to retrieving objects from the context.

Thats it, i'll add some code samples:

I created a utility class to retrieve objects from prana:
private var _objectsLoader:IObjectDefinitionsLoader;

public function loadContext(context:String):void {
// an instance of XmlObjectDefinitionsLoader is able to load an XML
// file with object definitions and parse it to an object container
_objectsLoader = new XmlObjectDefinitionsLoader();

// listen for the object definitions loader to complete
// (loaded and parsed xml object definitions)

// start the loading and specify the location of the object definitions

private function onLoadApplicationContextComplete(event:Event):void {
dispatchEvent(new Event(LOADING_COMPLETE));
Logger.info("Prana application context loading complete.");

public function getObject(beanName:String) : Object {
return _objectsLoader.container.getObject(beanName);

You can define two objects that depend on each other like this:
<object id="userController" class="nl.quintor.university.user.controller.UserController">
<constructor-arg ref="userModel"/>

<object id="userModel" class="nl.quintor.university.user.model.UserModel">

written by Marcel Panse