Monday, September 08, 2008

Announcing project Scrumbox: Opensource Scrum project management tool.

At our company we do all our projects using Scrum. Scrum is an iterative incremental process of software development commonly used with agile software development. A lot of projects use for example JIRA for their issue tracking. JIRA just isn't the best tool when you work with Scrum. Don't get me wrong, JIRA is a great tool, just not the tool for the job. There are some JIRA plugins to generate burndown charts or scrumboards, they make life al little easyer. You can do lots of tricks like using versions for sprints or backlogs. But what about Epics or Themes?
There are some other great software products out there build entirely around scrum, but they all are way to expensive (500$ per user/per year whoa!).

So we decided to build are own tool, totally open source. This tool is going to be build in java and flex. The focus is to make the GUI as fast and intuitive as possible. Making use of flex's capabilities like dragging and dropping issues from the project backlog to a sprint backlog, or prioritizing the backlog by drag and drop. Also changing the state of an issue should be as simple as looking at the scrumboard and dragging and dropping it from the 'in progress' column to the 'resolved' column.

So definitly keep and eye on and this blog for updates about the project. Anybody interesting in committing to this project should contact me..

Project architecture:
The backend will be build in java. Using Spring as IoC container and hibernate as ORM layer. As database we will use MySQL. Everything will be programmed TDD style using JUnit4 and EasyMock. We add a security layer with Spring security and build our project with ant.

The frontend will be build in flex. Using Prana as IoC container. Later there might also be an AIR version (for offline work). We also built this project with ant.

written by Marcel Panse

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Gracie Christina said...

Software project management is a highly demanding field where there is little room for error. That being said, your people and your tools should be highly effective to render quality work in a short amount of time. Also, everyone should be in line with the goals of the project if they want to succeed as a team.