Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Flex not working properly in Google Chrome

For some reason flex isn't working in google chrome when u use the history enabled methods. It seems like google chrome automatically redirects back to the previous page when you change the location url in the browser.

For example try www.parleys.com with your google chrome browser. Try navigation around and you will see you can't get away from the 'home' page of parleys..

Chrome is build upon Webkit, but i've never seen problems like this in Safari. So it seems like a Chrome bug..? Is there a workaround..?

written by Marcel Panse


Anonymous said...


One more info about Google Chrome and Flash player. If your swf access a cross domain asset, it is not restricting and it loads the content without a crossdomain.xml.

Check that as well and include in the post :-)


Constantiner said...

Try myflex.org in Google Chrome. It built with SWFAddress and deep linking works.

Marcel Panse said...

@constantiner: myflex.org doesn't load at all in google chrome. It loads fine in firefox and IE, but google chrome just shows an empty grey/white page.

I'll try the crossdomain asset loading bug later.

Anonymous said...

Try is another issue with Chrome in that Jaws screenreader will not read a Flash asset in Chrome that works correctly in other browsers this is a big hit for accessible Flash in the browser for Blind users

nalberg said...

Go to the properties section of your project and disable under Flex Compiler -> Un-Check "Enable Integration with Browser Navigation" This will fix the Application for chrome if you dont intend on using deep linking or swfaddress etc.

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Anonymous said...

You can check this out: http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/SDK-16697
it seems like the history.js file has something wrong, but I replaced all the contents and Chrome worked properly...